Love_Janice M447.jpg

Sgt. J.M. Love 

"This unit is an opportunity to affect the youth and impact their future"!

~ Joined the unit in 2019


Det. D. Webber

I am a NY City PAL Kid.  This is my way of reaching back and pulling up the next generation.  

~ Joined the unit in 2016

Ricketts_Khary K598.jpg

Det. K. Ricketts

"This unit allows me to live out my passion for the youth.  I was a NY City PAL Kid and I know the power this unit has in the lives of young people first hand"

~ Joined the unit in 2016

Lamb Jr_Chester E422.jpg

Det. C. Lamb

"I hope to use my experiences to change the lives of the youth in a positive manner"

~ Joined the unit in 2018

Prather_LaTosha B571.jpg

Det. Prather

"I'm an example of a child from the Bluff, and growing up in one of the roughest areas in Atlanta, I wanted to show kids that there is a different way of life and they can achieve.   

~ Joined the unit in 2019